BRL-K14010-1, NEN-EN 1112
& CE Medical class 2A
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    BRL-K14010-1, NEN-EN 1112
    & CE Medical class 2A

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    Easy and fast protection against legionella

Our products

As the only supplier of T-Safe® filter products in the world we offer products that are a protective solution for all standard water outlets in buildings. For handheld or wall-mounted shower heads, tap filters or kitchen filters: we have the solution.

Wall-mounted shower head

The T-Safe® legionella safe wall-mounted shower head was designed by Tandrup to provide a...

Shower panel

Tandrup developed the T-Safe® legionella safe Shower panel to provide easy and fast...

Handheld shower head

The T-Safe® legionella safe handheld shower was developed by Tandrup to provide a simple...

Drench hose

The T-Safe® legionella safe drench hose was developed by Tandrup to provide a simple and...


The unique design of the T-Safe® products guarantees their safety. This in combination...

T-Safe Medical In-Line filter

The T-Safe® Medical In-Line Filter is an easy way to immediately secure bacteria free...



The T-Safe® products were developed to be able to provide filtering techniques that stop bacteria for all different types of water outlets in a building. The technique has been used in the Netherlands since 2009 and there has been abundant proof of its value in practice. Depending on their objectives there are various applications.
T-Safe® is a brand under Tandrup Water Solutions
Tandrup Water Solutions Netherlands is responsible for the sales and distribution of all products manufactured by the company based in Denmark which was founded by John Tandrup in 1946. Tandrup specializes in the design and production of filter products. We have developed the T-Safe® concept with the aim of providing a point-of-use filtration system that guarantees immediate safety but does not reduce any comfort.

T-Safe® filter technology

The T-Safe® filter consists of hollow fibre membranes which are water resistant with a maximum pore size of 0.15 microns. This size is one-third of the size of the Legionella bacterium. There is no possibility that the Legionella bacteria can pass through the wall of the membrane. But as the wall of the T-Safe® membrane is composed of 85% air, water can flow through.

T-Safe® filter characteristics

  • 1. Log 7 reduction of bacteria
  • 2. Maximum pore size of 0.15 microns
  • 3. Long lifespan
  • 4. Immediate protection after placing the filter
  • 5. Safe till the last drop
 T-Safe® filter technology  T-Safe® filter technology
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